Someone asked, as we approached 4000 likes, why it’s important to increase our numbers. Increasing our numbers means reaching more wiccans and pagans. It means reaching out and banding together. It means making our voices heard and insuring that our image is changed. It also means insuring that no wiccan or pagan is lost, harassed, tormented because they’re “different” or shamed into thinking their wrong or evil. Every year in Salem, a parade happens. No. It isn’t a parade. It’s a memorial service and dirge for the fallen. It starts in the park and ends in the graveyard where roses are left on the graves of those who were prosecuted. It’s a time to remember and to make a pledge that no one else will be prosecuted for their beliefs.I’m Azarian, and I pledge to be a voice good tolerance and understanding. I pledge to be a voice for justice. I hope you’ll pledge to do the same. I pledge to spread the word.


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