I would like to clarify this statement so that I am not coming across as some arrogant asshole. “What is happening to us – will happen to you too. What people don’t understand, is that if the President of the United States is evil, he will indeed insure the rest of the world follows suit.” What you must understand is that Obama is a “made” man. He has the power elite backing him – i.e., The World Bank, George Soros and people like the Rothschilds. If you don’t know who these people are, then you need to research. Basically, they run the world. They are the money behind everything that happens, and they are the money behind Obama and the money behind destroying the world. It is money, power and control over the lives of the people all over the world that is sought. A one world government. No countries. One “King” of the world that calls the shots for his backers. I believe that this “King” of the world will be Obama, because he has the backing. If you are not American and do not think that Obama as President will affect your lives, then you are either seriously mistaken, uninformed, or just plain stupid.

I am no prophet. I have no mystical powers or insight. I’m just a regular guy. Like I said, I’m just a hillbilly with enough common sense to see that shit ain’t right. To coin CCR – I see a Bad Moon Risin.