Keep in mind folks, this also applies in Canada, USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Spain…

…wherever there is Halal food.

NO other cult or religion in the world gets this ridiculous tax – But Islam does, and the it funds terrorism indirectly and the funds are used for weapons to kill our own soldiers, why Australia? Not only ours, but funds Islam against Israel (Discrimination against them and us )and this is a crime and I call it fraud.\

And it also funded 9/11 and much much more.

Australia doesn’t have an “ANZAC tax” on “OUR” products made “HERE” do we? Why not Australian Government? It seems you are making too much money from helping fund the enemy that indirectly funds Islam and well known terrorist organisations. More concerned about that than our own, WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!

1. Patriotic Aussies: please re-share this and join this site to pressure our Governments around the world to wake the hell up.

2. To help the world to see the corruption of this hidden tax on food, clothing, pharmaceutical components and only G-d knows what else next.

3. RE-SHARE and join Boycott Halal if you believe this hidden Zakat Islamic FRAUDULENT tax should be banned in ALL free Countries.