Anyone who’s used Facebook for a whole likely knows how ‘selective’ Fbook is about freedom of speech…these days any colostomy-bag of an islami extremist can spout the vilest trash and NO problems, but if you should be offended by such, and in my case I filed a complaint vs. an islami for the DEATH THREAT made against me…you can be banned, temporarily-blocked from certain features and all that good stuff.

Oh and if you’re a supporter of the USA, Republic, The Constitution, and Liberty…well, Fbook’s the WRONG place for you because they will delete posts you make regarding such.

Facebook…the last best hope for PolCorr and it’s mindless drivelling followers.

So…what are we to do…???

By stating the following here, I am establishing Legal Copyright & Claim to the following idea and intellectual property on behalf of Husband, myself and those associated with us directly in business affairs.

“ aka;…like Facebook…except that the Freedom of Speech will be an Absolute. Also, you’d be CERTAIN that your personal info would be Secure, and there’d be NO gov’t ‘backdoors’ into the system for any reason. Any and all viewpoints would be allowed, as the Freedom of Speech is an Absolute…and there’d be a genuinely USEFUL support desk to assist clients and patrons. And, with proprietary technology shielding the system from Denial-Of-service attacks, it’d be a pretty big and Unstoppable juggernaught for Humanity’s Rights of Freedom Of Speech.

We’ve started looking into it…