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muzzies have stirred something up they are already beginning to wish they’d left undisturbed.

Marlene Wilkins

You all can imagine how the Natives see this, right?
‘Carpets of muslims scalps.’
It doesn’t matter what CAIR and it’s ilk do…they’re facing on oncoming opponent that will not treat them in any way other than how islam has been treating everyone else for centuries.
They can start packing and start leaving the Western Vivilized Nations, ALL of them…or they can dither around with their games and sooner than they think find themselves shoved onto Deportation container ships bound for somalia.
It won’t be something handled by the courts.
It won’t be a process tolerant of delays.
islami are dangerous, this is a proven Fact and they will not be tolerated in their threats to Humanity.
Humanity MUST move forward in Liberty & Freedom, NO other way is acceptable or natural for Humanity.
islam thinks to enslave, control, and will use any and all means toward that end.
They pride themselves on how dedicated they are.
They jihad for ‘allah’…
WE fight for Humanity and it’s eventual destiny as a Great People.

They claim ridiculous things like muslims discovering The Americas…
They demand people believe the outright lies and the Leftist dominated gov’t works to make sure people do.

islami, you will leave, now, by your own volition or you will be rounded up and forcibly Banished into Exile after your assets and accounts are siezed and liquidated to cover your deportation costs and the reparations islam owes the Western Civilized World.
Either way…you WILL be leaving The Western Civilized World.



Dear Mrs. Wilkins:

As an American Indian… lets just say I like the way you think (I’m smiling over the carpet remark). You could also mention the whacking off of scrotums to be made into coin purses or tobacco pouches. How I see this and my Native relatives and friends see this… oooooohhhh the islamadoodles have NO IDEA what they are messing with.

Right now there are Turk business and government leaders on a Turkish national level that seem to be “courting” tribal communities. There are also (sadly) a few Native people who “buy into” the Fakestinians being a poor “colonized people.” However, most of the American Indians I know don’t go for the izlime line. This view point will just cause the islamadoodle standing to sink even further.

The sometimes tragic and other times amazing set of historical, cultural, economic and political changes that began when New World met Old World…. began in 1492 with Columbus. As an American Indian… whatever good or bad would befall us from that date… it was Europe that encountered us. It is descended from that interaction that today define American Indians (First Nations), Eskimo/Inuit, Chamorro (Guam natives), Metis (Canadian and US) and Native Hawaiians in the 21st century.

We ARE PART OF THE MODERN WESTERN CIVILIZATION and are NOT, NOR WILL WE EVER BE… part of izslime world NO MATTER how much islamadoodles try to re-write history.

Say Mrs. Wilkins… earlier this summer I slammed the muzslimes for stealing fetishes and amulets (worn by African animists) in Mali… this was in a post over at Jihad Watch. A woman replied with her support for Africans with traditional beliefs and how muzslimes also persecute pagans. Was that you?

In 1492… Columbus sailed the ocean blue…. AND HE DID NOT ENCOUNTER ISLAMADOODLES.




The problem with the thesis that Islam discovered America (and Australia). The Muslims are forgetting one fact, that there is one thing we we all know about a Crusading Islam.

Is that once it lands somewhere, it does not leave!

They tend to take over and seek to dominate the indigenous population.
There is a plethora of scholarly information of the ‘Contact Period’, which is the time when, Europeans and Native American first made contact and there is absolutely nothing anywhere about Islamic ‘contact’ with Native Americans.

Furthermore, there is archeology (contentious) evidence that demonstrates that the pre-Columbian Vikings made it all the way into the mid-west.

Additionally, as Muslims are want to tell us frequently how advance they were, whilst we were in a Dark Age (insert snort of derision here.) There are several documents that are from the 10th century Islamic traveler, Ahmad ibn Fadlān who traveled to Russia with Vikings. (See: There are no such documents that demonstrate a discovery of the America.

…But, then we all know that Islam/Muslims and the truth towards Non-Muslims does not exist.



Dear BNI:

Muslims discovered America? The islamadoodles keep bringing this up every so often. As an American Indian, I remember encountering this as far back as the ’80s and one American Indian friend of mine dealt with this view from muzslime co-workers he had during the early 1970s (when the Yom Kippur War and its aftermath was in the news). Islamadoodles were also trying to sell their anti-Israeli spew to me and my fellows- trying to claim all sorts of similarities between American Indians and Fakestinians.

On way too many occassions this happened. Yet, I never got tired of the look of absolute shock on an islamadoodle’s face when the responses back challenged their way of thinking. Many American Indians are pro-Israel and have a special affinitiy and warmth for the Hebrew tribes in Israel and around the world. When fellow Indians replied back that they supported Israel and that they believed the historical facts that Jewish people had been in Israel for thousands of years…. the muzslims just couldn’t comprehend it.

One islamadoodle in particular was such a pain in the ass; that I and some fellow tribals decided to “share our cultures with him”… (ooops! Sorry Bonni, I know you don’t like political correctness). Let me re-phrase that… “…tribals decided to torment the camel-fucking sleazeball.” We stacked the deck in what he would see and who he would meet when we invited him to a local pow-wow.

For BNI readers who don’t know (especially those outside of North America); a pow wow is an American Indian cultural gathering and social get-together. There is drumming, dances, music, traders, food, etc. Some may have more traditional ceremonies or other cultural stuff happening- it all depends as pow-wows can vary.
This particular one happened before 9/11 but after the first Gulf War.

I brought the islamadoodle to the pow-wow and there were plenty of friends to see me and say hello! Including Merideth… a beautiful outspoken and very proud American Indian Jewess (or is that Jewish American Indian). Her Jewish mother had attended graduate school in Oklahoma and met a nice handsome Indian boy that she decided to keep. The “twitch” from doodle when he noticed Merideth’s Star-of-David necklace was rather, well- very noticable. Then Doris stopped by with her dance shawl she had finished beading and wanted to show me.

When I, the good thoughtful friend asked her how her day was; well she just couldn’t wait and tell me! As a nurse she worked with many Jewish health professionals- who were the nicest people she’s ever met. She loved her job at a Jewish home for the aged! She LOVED IT when the elderly residents would show her postcards or photographs from grandchildren living in Israel!

Then we walked around the pow wow area perimeter. Speaking to various folks and seeing tables, trader tents and informaiton booths of all things American Indian!

Doodle’s eyes kept getting wider and wider. His anti-Paganism was sounding alarms as he encountered traditional spiritual people, including Elders. Traders had for sale fetishes and other items, and I answered his questions about objects he saw- feathers, staffs and other things that reflected American Indian religious beliefs.

The muzslime’s hatred of traditional beliefs whether African animists or European-origins Paganism, is similar to what I saw that day to an izlamic reaction to traditional American Indian spirituality.

American Indian Christianity was evident. Doodle was told about tribes whose names included the words “mission bands” which reflected their connection to Christians. Many Indian Christians and Christian organizations working with Indians were present. Don’t know if Doodle realized that Christian and Traditional natives were at the pow-wow together- and nobody was antagonistic to the other.

The Grand Entry fascinated and I think frightened him (GOOD). The GE is where the US flag and many times flags of the different uniformed armed services are brought into the circle. The flag bearers are almost always current military or veterans. This is considered solemn and respect is immediately given during this time. As this was right after the first Gulf War… there were numerous recent combat veterans in attendance. As veterans and flags entered the pow-wow circle… then AND ONLY THEN… did the other American Indians enter.

Modern day military personnel and veterans are considered our “warriors” of the present. Be disrespectful or attack them and there won’t be enough of you to scrape off the floor to feed coyotes… and thats just the gray haired Elder grandmothers. The status of respect for older women and grandmothers at the event puzzling to him (leave the misogynistic ‘tudes before going to a pow-wow muzslimes or our Indian gals will kick your ass).

Also, NO BURKHAS here. Pow-wows are a place to see and be seen. Almost every American Indian woman will have a small mirror or compact to continually check their hair, beaded barettes, feather accessories, and make-up. Touching up with their cosmetics bag is almost mandatory. No way would American Indian women NOT look their best before visiting with people, buying from traders or going into the dance circle. Also, many pow-wows will have a “Pow-Wow Princess” this is a designation and sometimes a competition- and young Indian women try to look their best and covering up IS NOT happening.

One “extra” which we did NOT “set up” was the number of private conversations going around as people interacted with another. Remember- many were recent returned 1st Gulf War veterans… who had come back from Saudi and Kuwait. We overheard PLENTY of comments about American Indians’ thoughts about izslime.

Finally, Big G showed up (as planned) and this tall linebacker build fella walked up munching on a bag of snacks he had gotten from the concession trailer. We- two American Indians…brothers in spirit embraced! Happy to see me he stuck his snackies under and arm and removed a necklace from himself and placed it around my neck! I told Doodle that it was “traditional” to exchange gifts like this upon meets and greets.

Merideth and Doris hadn’t given me anything, but if (he didn’t) he had noticed; I would have just said some crap about it only happening between men of the same tribal background or the like.

Doodle was curious and actually leaned forward to see “my new necklace” which was made out of small “tusks”… as Big G told the tale of himself as a great hunter and brave who made the necklace out of the tusks/teeth of the vicious beast he slayed! He used tribal language to tell the name of the slain beast!

It was only when Doodle was holding (TOUCHING) and examining the necklace around my neck did I “translate” into English that the animal was a wild boar (ie a piggie). At the same time Big G in his gosh darn GFN (giant friendly native) way did he offer me and Doodle some of his snacks- a big bag of pork rinds.

Doodle bolted for the parking lot.

The only thing not true was Doris had worked at the Jewish nursing home when she was an LPN… by the time she was an RN she hadn’t worked there for a few years. Her favorite RN shift was when she worked with mostly Jewish staff at a local hospital. The other thing was Big G’s cousin had hunted the boars, and thus I had to give the necklace back because it wasn’t Big G’s to give.

Doodle never said more than two words to me from that day forward until he left our place of employment. He also stopped his “izlamifying” attempts with American Indians… a group of people he obviously knew nothing about.

So keep in mind…

The price for antacids to deal with too much Indian tacos and funnel cakes you ate at a pow wow…. $1.99

The cost for silver and beaded earrings you bought from the pretty Choctaw girl to give to your sister for her birthday… $25

The amount you spent on raffle tickets to win an Ojibwe design quilt that benefits an Indian school in the Dakotas… $30

Freaking the shit out of a whack-job islamadoodle who now thinks America’s Natives are a bunch of pork eating heathens (yea, some are) at said pow-wow….



“Muslims discovered America,” says terror-linked CAIR’s Executive Director of Islamic Propaganda | BARE NAKED ISLAM.