Anjem Choudary, also known as Andy Childmolester or simply AnCh, is an unsuccessful, depressed Muslim Paki who fucked his life up, but blames all his failures on the devil for introducing him to the consumption of alcohol, the use of drugs, masturbation to porn, and sexual intercourse with white Christian women before marriage. Now, he is a raging hairy monkey with lack of fulfillment preaching his hatred for the West, because he never heard of the word Responsibility. As an oldfart at the age of 45, his current occupation is being a welfare-seeking, unemployed lawyer and shariah teacher at mosques. In other words, he gets paid for brainwashing muslim children into Quran fucking jew and white haters and pays no tax. Yet, he expects taxpaying Britfags to give him free money which is 25,000 per year. When not beating Muslim children at mosques for not reading the Quran or for skipping one prayer out of the five, he would go outside touching 8-12 year old white British boys and forcing them to quote verses from the Quran as an attempt to convert more children to Jizzlam, or he simply goes whoring for his 15 minutes of attention while screaming for the implementation of Shariah. In his free time, he does not practice any activity or hobby but walking up to people and telling them that they are mislead people who should give up their values, such as freedom of speech, human rights, free choice and the right to vote, and only to embrace Islam or else they all go to hell. Anjem is clearly a miserable old man who believes if he cannot be happy then no one should be. His only remaining purpose of existence in this world is the hope of becoming the new Sultan of Anglistan when the Shariah is implemented, the Royal Family beheaded and the Buckingham Palace reconstructed into his personal Mosque clubhouse. (Fortunately, it will not ever happen).

In summary, he’s a Prophet Muhammed (Piss be upon him) wannabe.