Why I hate Islam

Sven Ganske

1. I hate the stupid fact that when Islam says it means peace (actually it means ‘submission’ as in like a slave contextually) it contradicts its self by telling its followers to kill and get rid of those who not believe in ” la ilaha ilallah wa Mohammad en rasuallah ” ( there is no god but Allah AND MOHAMMAD WAS HIS MESSENGER).

2. I hate there argument to everything being ” oh well Islam is the fastest growing religion ” … blah blah blah

3. I hate that you breed faster than lice due to your blinded view on religion where men can rape women and divorces are mile high. and when the children subject is brought up your excuse is ” allah is creating more soldiers (boys) to fight for Islam”

4. I hate that Muslims don’t even know about their own religion and haven’t even read the whole Quran yet pick up the other’s religious book to find “issues” yet when the people of other religions say we read the Quran and it said this and this suddenly its that we ” misinterpreted what it said ”

5. I hate Islam because if you hate it, your seen as either possessed , a person from hell or that Muslim is planning to kill you .

6. I hate how forcibly you put religion onto your children with girls wearing scarves at the ages of 3!

7. I hate how you support Hitler and that you believe he was a blessing from god to kill all those innocent Jews.

8. I hate it when someone reads the whole of the Quran and says it’s a load of garbage that Muslims say that “they don’t know anything about what Islam really is ” huh … i just read your holy book mate.

9. I hate the honor killings , force marriages , exaggerated dress code and slavery towards women

10. I hate how Mohammad preformed no miracles at all yet he was supposed to be believed in after Jesus said there will be false prophets to come.

11. I hate how they see hope for any Muslim and wish them success yet the most pious humble man of any other religion is scum.

12. Not all Muslims are terrorists but let’s be honest 99.999% of terrorist and honor killings are done my Muslims.

13. I hate that they can be prostitutes, strippers, lap dancers, heavy partygoers and drug addicts yet are still seen as a good Muslim because they fast bloody Ramadan.

14. I hate the fact then when a Muslim finishes reading this they will say “stafruallah” and that I’m most probably the devil for giving my view.

15. Multiple wives per man …what more can i say ?

16. I hate Islam because its the opposite of peace , people follow it because its the most threatening holy book on earth and its so contradicting its stupid

17. I hate it because its makes the word love sound like hell

18. I hate it because, Islam is responsible for rampant corruption, widespread misrule, implausible tyranny, mindless terrorism, unrelenting violence and pervasive social injustice in the Muslim world.

Ditto here.
Any questions?