In Israel, teachers carry guns to protect the kids in their charge. Here, the same thing would have very easily prevented the recent tragedy. Disarmamentalists continue to think gun control is a good idea when it’s been proven over and over again throughout history and the world that it simply does not work. I carry myself, as does Husband. I have been thoroughly and properly trained to handle a gun in combat and anyone else could be taught the same. Am I a danger? No, here’s why. I’m not going to haul out my gun unless I have to, say to stop a gun-wielding rogue, or if another extremely desperate situation develops where I need it’s capabilities. I carry a S&W Governor, loaded with .410 shells, #5 shot. This offers enormous stopping power at Defense Ranges, but removes much of the risk downrange on a missed shot.

Now, lets look at Facts.

Fact; Historically and Globally Disarmamentalism have been shown over and over without fail to be of benefit ONLY to criminals as crime rates go up dramatically and remain elevated near-immediately after guns are banned/severely restricted.

Fact; An armed Citizenry has been proven time and time again to be a very effective deterrent to crime in both number of incidents and severity.

Fact; The Leftists/Disarmamantalists/anti-gun types KNOW this and continue to willingly espouse and speak anti-gun rhetoric in flagrant disregard of the Facts.

Fact; Disarmamentalists/Leftists/anti-gun types enshrine criminal’s rights above those of Citizens, hamstring Cops and the Legal system to the point that they are no longer effective deterrents to criminality.

Fact; In knowingly and willingly speaking anti-gun rhetoric and working to restrict guns more and more or ban them, Leftists/Disarmamentalists/anti-gun types are knowingly Aiding & Abetting Criminality, and are Complicit to such events as the recent school shooting in that they have knowingly removed all effective deterrents to criminality and people’s ability to protect themselves. They are, in Fact, willingly Enabling Criminal actions against Citizens.

These people are selling us out to criminals, and are so smugly self-righteous that they think it’s proper to do so. They are insane…or so stupid that it equates to the same thing. In the end, it’s us, the Citizens and our children who pay in blood and heartbreak for their PolCorr, failure-ridden idealism. How many more children and people have to die before they wake up and accept the Facts of the situation??

Not one more.

Leftism, Political-Correctness, and rampant Liberalism has taken our civilization to a Crisis Point, and it’s time to rein in the Usurping Leftists and hold them all accountable for the Treason they have practiced against us and our children. The UN is quite complicit to all this as well.

To all you Leftists…yes, I know you’ll make your rabid and rambling threats, just like islamics do whenever someone dares to speak against them. Go ahead, feel free.

Attempt to follow through and make good on your threats and you will accept the consequences of doing so.

You get the One Warning. That was it.