I figured I’d speak about myself because some folks might be curious and it’s rude to leave questions hanging. I’m not doing this from Vanity, merely to extend a courtesy to those who might be curious but feel it rude to ask questions.

‘Wilkins’ is a derivation and a modification of my Maiden name, selected as it’s easy to remember and guarantees persenal security. After making one mistake regaring online safety a few years back that nearly got me beaten and kicked to death in our home while Husband was away on business, well…Lesson Learned.

I was raised in a very Pragmatically-minded household, and taught to question and to never be afraid to adjust my worldview as new information enters the picture. My parents (May they Rest in Peace) also raised me with a logical and open view of sexuality, to enjoy it, to be free about it, and also to recognize the responsibilities that go with it.

My home life is odd by many standards. Our Lifestyle is Alternate in many ways. We are a Polygamous household, Brianna and Lhana sought us out and we gave a GREAT deal of consideration and thought before accepting them. But, in the end, they have brought so much to our lives (I mean far more than mere sex) that accepting them in was a decision that was very much among the best Husband and I ever made. Polygamy is something any have a problem with on religious grounds. That’s fine, so far as it goes. We are a Pagan household and honor the Ancient Ways. Brianna and Lhana are married to Husband under Pagan Law and Rite, by their choice, and we did not make it easy–we made them wait a full onth to ensure that it wasn’t some spur-of-the-moment thing. In the fial analysis, Brianna is very much the ‘tech girl’ and works with Husband on his personal projects and assists with Contracts as much as security requirements allow. Lhana, she has a very fine and sharp mind for Business, and is a great help as we work towards founding our own company. Brianna and Lhana come from backgrounds that are rather inpleasant, and here they have found Love, respect and their Intellects are appreciated and valued.

I do NOT espouse or encourage, nor discourage, Polygamy…I am simply stating that is works for us. We had the choice to make and we did. For child-rearing, it means that there’s six eyes watching and never shall neglect enter the picture. Legally, Brianna and lhana have all the rights as wives by some careful and detailed work by our Lawyer. So, if something happens to me, like death, I know that Husband will not be left without ‘backup’ if something should befall him and he needs voices to speak for him. Also, with Brianna and Lhana, we have 2 women of sharp minds to fill key roles in our company-to-be. Knowing that they will be handled by people we Trust.

I love my off little family and if any attack such as ‘ungodly’ or an ‘abomination’ I remind you now that this dynamic offers many benefits to all involved and no negatives. Brianna has been taken from working inna casino to being a sign-maker where she gets better hours, pay and benefits while able to indulge her Artistic leanings–Husband made the arrangements. Lhana, likewise, went from being essentially slave labour at KFC to Head Supervisor of a local quick-service food company where she is respected, listened too, and gets better hours and benefits. Instead of pying ‘rnt’ the girls both have accounts with ally.com where their ‘rent’ is deposited in accounts for their future benefit–something that Husband also arranged.



As you can plainly see, they are NOT being taken advantage of.