I just wanted to take a few minutes and say ‘Thank-You’ & MERRY CHRISTMAS!! To all my readers, Likers and Re-Bloggers.

Also; Happiest of Hannukahs to all those of the Jewish Faith who read my works!! I apologize if the spelling is off, but no source I checks seems to have a Definitive spelling, and the Jewish friends I have are of the opinion that so long as it’s ‘close enough’ to be readable, the sentiment carries through regardless.  I hope so. 🙂

As a Pagan, I wish you all a Blessed Solstice and the happiest and best of the Holiday Season!!

Thank-You again folks, I do appreciate every ‘Like’ every ‘Follow’ and every Re-Blog. I don’t do this for money, and time is something that one can never purchase more of, but the time I dedicate to this is an Investment in our future, our children’s future.

Our children…I have none yet myself, but I do trust that as my female lineage before me, that Nature will gt around to assessing me ‘ready’ in my 30’s and then it’s going to be happily addressed. In the meantime, I look, watch and see what kind of world we have unwisely permitted our ‘leaders’ to saddle our offspring with. I for one am ashamed that we have done so badly in looking out for our children’s interests…are we not supposed to make things Better for them? We, all of us, have allowed too much free rein of our ‘Leaders’ and have now come face-to-face with the results. This is why I al fighting, as a woman, as a Mother (eventueally) and as a Human for a better world and against those that would eradicate out culture in the name of Leftism, PolCorr, ‘progressiveness’, and other related ilks of ideology. I have no children as yet, but nonetheless the Maternal Instinct and Obligation burns in my blood…and it demands that the way be cleared for those who will be coming forth, my children and yours. If the opposition wants to get in the way of that, I can only presume that they freely assume the consequences of doing so with full acceptance.

As many of you know, I have NO use for islam or muslims. They are all terrorists, as those that pay zakat yet never touch a weapon are financing those who buy and use weapons, and they do so with full knowledge of where the zakat money gos…thus, legally, they are fully and wholly, knowingly, complicit with terrorism and the atrocities committed every bit as if they pulled the triggers themselves. I am an avowed enemy of islam and always will be.  I can not and will ot respect islam as a religion as it is NOT a religion–it is a cult and any truly objective examination of it proves that out. Also, it is a criminal organization with political intent of a tyrannically-fascist socioeconomic mode. islam has killed 270 MILLION people since it’s beginning, and that number is growing. nearly half that number of deaths was accomplished in just the past 98 years.

Religion of peace? I would say that the proof that such is a lie stands on it’s own.

Now, to you muzzies reading this and getting yourselves ready for a good cry and whinge…don’t bother. If you fire on me, I will return fire and you will end up looking insipid, embarrassed and unintelligent. I speak the TRUTH about islam, and you speak Denialist and Apologist nonsense. More and more people every day are waking up to seeing for themselves just how inimical and Anti-Human islam is, and they do so not by believing my words…but by accepting my suggestion and doing their own research into islam for themselves, finding the Facts for themselves. Gonna call CAIR and your lawyers? Whatever, go right ahead and waste your money. I know the legal system is completely biased against me, and is in fact a Traitor to our civilization and will absolutely ignore any and all Court summons and subpoenas. I am under NO obligation to cooperate or acknowledge the enemy, and will not. You muzzies ignore the laws of Western True Civilization…well, I can play that game also.

You can whine, cry, throw tantrums and generally act like savage snot-nosed toddlers all you muzzies want…you cannot stop the truth. Also, spare me your threats. I work behind a deliberately re-directed IP address and IF, by some stretch of imagination one of you muzzies that has issued death-threats to me in the past actually learns where i live and decides to follow through with said threats and ‘strike a blow for islam’…

Well…then you muzzie death-threat issuers assume freely and with full cognizance & acceptance any and all consequences in attempting to make good your threats.

It will not end well for you.

You get the One Warning.

That was it.

Marlene Wilkins
Anti-Islamization Resistance Alliance