islam; the religion of peace.
They certainly continue every day to prove otherwise, that islam is a sham, a false religion, a sickening fascist socioeconomic system that places NO value of Life–Human or otherwise.

The Muslim Issue


Asia’s bloodiest insurgency: Buddhists make the best target

In the Thai Buddhist mind, almost nothing is so disturbing as harming a monk. That is exactly why insurgents shoot monks at close range. All-Buddhist militias in southern Thailand must defend themselves against Islamic militants. Their temples have become fortresses ringed with razor wire.

Patrick Winn   |  July 27, 2011 05:41

PATTANI, Thailand — The monk suddenly realized he was running. What just happened? All around him, soldiers assigned to guard his morning alms run fired their M-16s through a cloud of smoke and airborne debris. Some rolled in the dirt. Screaming.

The monk screamed too. My arm, he thought, it’s blown off. But when Wacharapong Suttha looked down, there it was, intact but streaked with blood. He had not even dropped his silver alms bowl, held fast by fingers curled around its basin in a death grip.

Wacharapong would spend nine…

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