rarely do I ever come across such unadulterated propagandist crap and actually do a post about it.

But folks, tou have to know about the open sewer at the link below called ‘mother jones’ and the ‘book’ found there.

In short, it’s complete fiction with just enough carefully-selected bits of reality in it to suspend disbelief.



Organic-Farm Grade


Israel’s truth, as we all know is that they’ve been on the recieving end of open and genocidal hostility and agression from muslims for…well ever.

This idiotic site speaks about ‘The palestinian Plight’. Which is the same thing as if  bunch of folks from Newfoundland went down to Florida and took over the bottom half.

Who would you side with, especially if the new arrivals and their supporters were constantly harrassing and assaulting the natives?

Right, the Floridians.

SAME thing in Israel vs. Palestine.

But, the Leftist MSM and the modern age of Leftist approval of all atrocities that are muslim, well…how dare Israel defend itself!! Don’t they KNOW they’re supposed to just submit to their own destruction??!!

That’s basically the mentality behind this site and the book. I would strongly advise you to warn other folks against ever going near it, we have to choke out this kind of Leftist-Revisionist crap when it comes to news and history.

Israeli Vets Speak Out: What Really Goes On In Gaza | Mother Jones.