Our home just recently had a new arrival. Small, black, furry with two blue eyes that watch everything. Georgina, and this will surprise no one, was very curious about the new arrival and pretty immediately adopted her. They’re on the sofa now, Georgina on her side, watching all, and Vesta nesting cuddled close to Georgina’s belly so that ‘Mom’ is like a big, furry semi-enclosure.

I went with the hopes of the black kitten in the litter choosing me, and she did–came right to me, from where she was hiding in the corner of the box.

The kittens are from the cat who belongs with a friend’s-friend, and they’re just old enough for homes now. They’ve all had their basic Vet checkups and such, as mary feels then it’ll be easier to find them homes if that’s done. She has several calls while we were there, so I doubt there’ll be any worry on that point.


Vesta was sitting in the corner of the nesting box, and small relative to the rest, not looking too happy–excluded. I suspect she’s the ‘runt’.

I leaned over, crouching, and put my hand in the box to see which one wanted me. She looked, and hesitated, then made her way over, and looked right up into my eyes.

That’s when I knew. The rest noted I was there, but aside from glancing at me, didn’t care too much. So, with one look, little Vesta got herself adopted on the spot. NO fussing about being picked up.

The girls are completely in love with her–big surprise, and Vesta is learning about Casa de Chaos, as we’re all leaving her and Georgina alone so they can bond, Vesta can get used to us, and we can enjoy the Cute. 😀

Georgina took Vesta onto the sofa by way of picking her up as Mama cats do, and with her size and strength, it was effortless. Vesta was OK with it. 🙂

Being the runt, and from what was seen in the box, I suspect she wasn’t getting much attention from her Mother, so this was a rescue as much as an adoption I guess.

Doesn’t matter anymore, she’s got a house full of people who adore her, a Lynxy-Momma cat all to herself, and soon she’ll be meeting a certain Cat-friendly Monsterdog. Thomas and Hector are coming over tomorrow for dinner, and Vesta will meet him then. Today, she gets to settle in, relax and soak up affection.


She is playful, starting to be, as she adapts and realizes this is a ‘Good Place’. Not all-out playing, but she’s new, it’s been a helluva day for a kitten, and she’s just started settling in barely. But the spirit is definitely there alright. 🙂