Alright folks, gonna untangle some threads here, so you know who the enemy is and maybe stop pounding on your potential friends.

‘Witches adopt Black Cats to sacrifice on Halloween’

WRONG. Here’s why. Witches, are Pagans. As such, we have reverence and respect for life and that Certainly includes our animal companions. Do Witches favor black cats? Yes, in a manner similar to how many cultures around the world consider them ‘good luck’. It’s believed they have a slightly better ability to sense the supernatural and such, in addition to more conventional threats. Thus a Witch who has a black cat considers herself fortunate, but many Witches have perfectly average non-black cats also that are every bit as loved as any other animal companion who brings love to a Human’s life and home.

Witches do not pick cats normally, the Preferred manner is to let the cat pick the Witch–thus, if a black cat/kitten selects you from among it’s siblings and such, well, you’re off to a good start, and so is the cat/kitten.

Cats are beloved of Bast, one of our primary deities, thus, cats are seen as ‘Ambassadors’ I guess one could say in a manner of speaking. We don’t worship them, but they are important to us and respected as representing Bast.


Okay, this gets weird for some of you. Satanists are actually Loathe to harm cats in general and black cats especially. Sacrifice them? NOT bloody likely and in point of fact, harming a Satanist’s cat is a really good way to end up in the ER. I am NOT kidding. Satanists are in general very sane, and quite decent–but let’s face it, the world hates them, and most are very ready, willing, and able to use whatever means they have to defend themselves and their animal companions.

The REAL problem…

There’s losers out there, who call themselves Satanists, but are nothing but drug-guzzling, mentally effed-up dipwits who crave power because they’re so angry with their wasted lives and such. So, they get drunk, and usually stoned as well, and dig out a Satanic bible or some such, and try to conduct a ritual to summon Satan in hopes of being given power.
These are the ones who harm and kill animals in the rituals and give the rest of us such a bad name. In the same vein, there’s many ‘people’ out there who do the same essential thing, but just for their demented pleasures of seeing a living thing suffer. Frankly, I have a vapor-wisp more respect for the ‘satanists’ as aside from the rituals, they leave animals alone and unharmed most often. Make no mistake though, I stated the above as a dark joke, I have nothing but absolute contempt and a very cold, focussed, and willfully dedicated hatred for those who intentionally harm animals or innocent people.