I can get along with people who are Fundamentalist, Born-Again, or just really Zealous Christians, Jewish folks, and others despite being Pagan…

And the rest of the world is killing each other over religion??

It doesn’t seem to be that hard, not to me and not to them. No special efforts are made to be extra-courteous or such–just basic, old-fashioned respect in both directions. Yeah, some challenge my faith with queries about the Afterlife, and that’s just being curious. Condemning someone for that? Not me.

I’ve got Muslim friends (albeit they’re not ‘normal’ Muslims) but there are some normal Muslims locally I do enjoy the company of, like the shopowner here who was recently stabbed by an islamist. He’ll be fine, but it was a damned mindless attack. I go there, we chat, and I give him a Pagan blessing-farewell and in exchange I get a Muslim one. It’s a nice balance, I like it.

The shop? Pastries, donuts and such–including handmade baklava. His is one reason why we keep the big corporate guys the hell out. Why did he come to Canada? He didn’t want to be killed for not being an islamist, and he didn’t want to become an islamist to avoid being killed. Also, he wanted to own a small cafe/bistro type business. Try that in some islamist hellhole.

Back to my point…

some folks I know are just stunned that I have Fundamentalist Christian friends and such. “But what about the Purges and such, the witch-burnings?” Those were a LONG time ago, as were the Inquisition and other such anti-Pagan incidents. They are regrettable, but they happened, there’s NO going back, and Christians don’t psersecute us any more. So, the choice is; Hate them still–a total waste of time and energy. OR, let it all go and let the past be the past–something to learn from, but not to hold onto as a grudge. Besides, we learned things from those times, and we’re the better for it–so, at minimum, it all balances out.

Besides, many Christians are pretty decent folks. yeah, there’s always a few jerks, same in any faith, including Paganism. C’est la Vie.

All I’m saying, is that it’s not that hard it seems, for us to get along with each other.