But as of Oct 31, I will be closing and deleting


The other day, it was just too much in one little way that did some real damage to me and killed my drive and desire to continue on regarding the public anti-islamification battlefront. It’s not easy to lose a lot of respect for someone you once held in high esteem and drew inspiration from. But I did learn a valuable lesson and that is extremists, no matter who or what cause they’re for or against, are all every bit as bad as the rest and will pounce like Great Whites if they smell even a trace of perceived lacking in mindless resolve vs. whatever it is they’re against or for.

I don’t need to get bitten twice to know that I have had enough of this battlefield, and it’s time to take what’s left of my soul, and put that time towards the better things in my life that genuinely matter.

I’ll continue on keeping watch, Intel-Gathering for Council, of course, and commenting on various articles, but I will no longer be actively blogging vs. islamification. I didn’t make this decision rashly, I gave it some thought, but it was a decision that pretty much ‘made itself’. I also have my own work to do for Council regarding tracking islamification, and keeping them up-to-speed on developing threats, and spotting where threats are likely to form. I have to say it: I cannot save the whole world, but I’ll fight to the last breath, drop of blood, shred of flesh and moment of time to keep my city safe from islam and the muslim invaders.

I have lost any trace of ‘Moderate’ stance I had–after reading some confirmed reports last night and earlier today, I cannot maintain my Moderate stance and not feel like a hypocrite about it. islam plays Moderates for fools and suckers, they count on the confusion that such allows them to create.

To share some things about myself, that will doubtfully enrage some folks (that’s a fair-warning to stop reading BTW) I do so to better define the ‘why’ I am so absolutely and dedicatedly hostile to islam. By ‘hostile’ I mean just that.

The homelife Husband and I have is one of what some consider ‘alternative sexuality/lifestyle’. That said, I am Bisexual, and it has actually had a nicely strengthening effect on our marriage.

We are Pagan, a Pagan household, avowed and practicing. Husband has always been Pagan and while I am recently self-admitted to such, it’s something the Elders and Husband find amusement in that for my entire life, I have lived unconsciously by the Pagan Ways of respecting life and such. Thus, when they pointed it out, I gave it some thought and decided to fully embrace it, openly acknowledge and accept such about myself. It just made straight, logical sense. The night I did so, was the night John, a very close friend of Husband’s died here at our home where he’d been living at our request due to his extremely bad health. I wanted a Significant Event to mark my Acknowledgement, and as he was Pagan also, it felt ‘Right’ that at the moment of his death, I accepted myself as Pagan. I didn’t become Pagan to be ‘cool’ or because ‘it’s the rebellious thing to do’.

Our homelife is very much BDSM, 24/7/365. That is, as much as it can be and still allow for life’s practicalities and such as we all must do. Some will doubtless consider us ‘perverts’ and such…well, we’re happy, and I’m learning how it really brings a couple together. 🙂

That said, Brianna and Lhana. They sought us out, Brianna first, then Lhana. They are my ‘sisters’ in the lifestyle parlance, and I’ve known Brianna by virtue of being long-time friends with her older sister for a long time. Lhana is Brianna’s best friend, and after we accepted Brianna, Lhana heard from Brianna about our life and such–and made a very sincere and well-done case regarding taking her in also. They call Husband ‘Master’, and considering the unhappy lives they had prior to coming to us, they are much happier here. Brianna’s sister has remarked how much ‘brighter’ she is on the phone, and Husband insists they remain in good contact with their families and friends. Lhana’s Mother is very impressed with how ‘better’ Lhana sounds and looks also. 🙂 This is part due to the fact that Husband found them jobs here better suited to their personalities and skills. Brianna is a sign-maker and gets to use her artistic skills and Lhana is being groomed as Assistant Manager in a local restaurant, instead of paying rent, they do contribute financially to the home, but Husband set them up with high-interest-tax-free savings accounts from Ally, and much of what they’d pay for rent on an apartment goes into their accounts, to ensure they have a very good ‘cushion’ later on in life. They are under our Health/Life insurance with complete coverage.

So, if you’re going to criticize and condemn us, feel free, but remember that the girls are cared for and loved, not sexual toys, they are part of the Family, and in the future will hold key positions in the company Husband and I are trying to build that deals with Alternative Energy. Brianna has a very good insight in analyzing designs and systems for flaws, Lhana is a natural when it comes to business intuition and management.

The freedom to condemn us comes with a warning–that is this. If attacked, I will stand up in defense of our home, persons and lifestyle. I love our lifestyle, and am happy in it. Some might try the argument that we don’t live according to christian ideals…no, we don’t. Expecting that of us is the same as if we started condemning people for living according to Christian ideals, we do not persecute and we will not tolerate being persecuted because of our lifestyle. We’re happy, we harm no one, and do not judge/persecute others. Thus, we are fully proper in expecting the same respect and treatment in-kind. I say this as in the past I have dealt with some extremely vicious assaults against us for our lifestyle, and I figure it’s also just decent courtesy to let those who would attack us because of our lifestyle know that there are consequences for doing so.