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 First my Thanks!! To those of you following and or just reading what I post!! I do very much appreciate it!!

 In the next little while, I’m going to try to make this blog and the anti-islamification one more reader-friendly–I REALLY wish wordpress had a ‘Preview’ function so that I could study changes I make to the layout as I make them, right now it’s kind of a guessing game/operating ‘blind’.

 Some folks wonder why I am so anti-islamic, a dead-set, avowed and absolute enemy of unmitigated hostility towards islam and islamists.

 It’s simple: I want, very much, to be a Mother and as such I have an Obligation to clear the way for my offspring, as any Mother would. islamists want to eradicate our culture and replace it with their own, they want to force everyone to be muslim and heed shariah. They want absolute and total dominion in a manner even the Nazis in WW2 never aspired to.

 I cannot and will not abide this. Ever.

My Grandmother, in France in WW2, worked with the French Resistance and was sent by Britain to do so. More than a few Nazis died directly at her hands. She was no little ‘housefrau’ for the boys, she was a leader, planner and got her hands ‘dirty to the elbows’ in the field. My Grandfather, in his words, was ‘just a dumb lad following his orders’. HE didn’t propose to my Grandmother–she TOLD him they were getting married two days before she left for France. 🙂

 She fought the Nazis then, I’ll fight the islamists now, and if I have to get ‘dirty to the elbows’ if push comes to shove–then so be it. I will NOT allow the islamists to remake the world, the nation, the city I call home and I absolutely will never allow any islamist influence on my life. If shariah becomes law of the land, I will ignore it, and will ‘deal’ with any disastrously stupid individual who dares try enforcing it on me or my family.

 Idle boasts? No. Husband and a very dear friend of his that also became mine (now passed away) spent the past few years teaching, training and instructing me how to fight. I am not referring to ‘women’s self-defense’. I mean Fight, as in Military Hand-to-Hand combat, with weapons training and instruction.This after an attack on me in our home when he was away.

I have had to use it, and on those occasions I learned the true value of what I’ve been taught and a very sincere respect for what I can do to ruin a Human being in very quick fashion, and I am not a woman anyone wants to force into defending herself. I would very much prefer to never have to raise a hand in defense to another Human being as long as I live but I know many others (islamists) do not share that view and target women especially as we’re the ‘weaker’ gender.

You know the Hand-to-Hand that Navy S.E.A.L. s and Russian Spetsnaz get?? Husband and John taught me a combination of those–but will still not tell how he knows this so well. I suspect Husband has Military service, but he will not say and I do NOT pry. He’s the man who has given me a very good life and treats me very well, thus I have a very high Respect for him. He’s also my elder by 15 Yrs and I accede to his superior knowledge and life experience.

 I stand with the beacons of the anti-islamification movement, Gellar, Spencer and all the others who lead the way and fight against this enemy. I’m just a ‘repeater’ of their works, but ‘repeater stations’ have their place in broadening coverage and the more people that hear the truth of the cult called islam, the better.

 I know I might become a target, as others have, and if such happens anyone attempting to take my life is going to run some formidable hurdles–chief among them, Husband. I know the risks, as does Husband, and it’s a choice of either being kowed by intimidation or standing up and pushing back.

 I’ve made my choice, for myself, my loved ones and my future children as I will not allow the islamists to steal the world from them or myself.

Live free, or live as a dhimmi…to me there’s not even a true choice to be made really. And I’d look terrible in a burqa.

 If you’re an islamist, an islamist-sympathizer, or one of the limp-lefty types that think the islamification issue is just ‘islamophobia’ then you are On Notice that this is a War, and I’m not afraid to call it such. I will fight with everything I have at my disposal to stop the islamification of Canada and the Western World and I will fight as dirty and as viciously as I am forced to by you.

 You islamists can kill me, at a very high cost as I will not go down easily…

…but you Cannot Kill The Signal.