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I replied on a post and made a comment regarding how obama’s meth-spiked cocaine habit is killing him and that it’d be safer to snort drain-cleaner than that crap…

WELL…little miss Liberal obamawhore got Butthurt about what I said and managed to get me blocked/banned for an Unknown duration…longer that 24 hours I’m pretty sure, and as this happened last night…I cannot Like, Share, Post…except via through my blogs like this one and the connectivity.

Now, as for you obama-lovers out there…you better all stick your noses in the wind and pay attention to it’s changes…this is NOT your world, and the Americas are NOT your lands.

And Jimmy Carter, the worthless, gutless sack of crap he is, and how he’s heading a fundraiser for Hamas….well, he made his choice.

One ‘British’ man currently fighting for ISIS in Syria has claimed that the UK should be frightened of the skills he has learned there.

A Twitter account thought to belong to Nasser Muthana, 20, has a picture showing what appear to be improvised explosive devices in a garage.

The caption reads: ‘So the UK is afraid I come back with the skills I’ve gained.’

He also describes himself as a ‘soldier of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham’, and has previously spoke of jihad as ‘obligatory’.


Personal Statement:

This muzzie drainclog better very seriously think twice, and BLOODY carefully if he wants to go down that road. People are increasingly waking up to the fact that when dealing with islam, it’s ‘Kill or be killed’.

That said, people like myself already have begun. Where I live, Al-Quaeda goons have been trying to ignite more jihad-forest-fires, close to our city, the Tribal lands and the Paganic Enclave. With the prevailing winds, such fires set in the very dry forest area would have a similar effect to a small nuke, and would be out of control almost from time of ignition.

We’ve been dealing with them ourselves, in a very direct means, as this is War. a deliberately-set forest fire of the types that A-Q have been doing are the equivalent of WMDs, and using such is not only a War Crime, it’s also a Open act and declaration of War.

So, we take it as what it is, and deal with it accordingly.

How does this apply to Britain?

There’s a movement among us Native Aboriginal Americans, and we are Reclaiming OUR ancestral lands. When we have cleaned them out of islam and socialists…we will be going to Australia, UK and other nations to aid them in ‘Encouraging’ islam to Leave.

We don’t do Political Correctness, we don’t give a damn what Liberals and such have to say, and we don’t waste time talking to islam beyond “Leave our lands or face the consequences for defying us.”
Do we wave cutesie protest signs and such?

NO, we have spent over 2 Centuries ‘talking’ and ‘protesting’…and what’s it gotten us?


More of the same shit we’ve been dealing with for 200+ years…but NO MORE.


So, all you jihadi out there, thinking of coming to or returning to the Americas and other non-American western nations, with your plans on causing trouble…


We have been building and organizing and training since end of WW2…you think you have skills??

And save the crap about: “islam isn’t your enemy”…yes, you are and nothing you say with your False-Talk will change the facts or islam’s history, or annul the Open Declaration of War.

We KNOW what your planning and intent is, and do NOT dare to tell us what we think, see, understand, or make the mistake  to ‘speak for us’…

We Speak for Ourselves now…NO one else will ever speak for us again.

Here’s some Truth about the Wendigo called ‘islam’…


Debating islam with muslims & Liarberals (not mis-spelled).

There was a glitch in the Gofundme site that’s been addressed and fixed.

For a dear friend….



As I write this, there’s some things to keep in mind in the face of islam rampaging around and such.

Humanity is inexorably getting closer to leaving the cradle and going out into the Galaxy.

Humanity, is growing up. This is the dawn of The Human Renaissance, a new age for Humanity, as is becoming a Toddler a ‘new age’ for an infant. Humanity has a LONG ways to go, and will pursue it’s Destiny on down the long road of millenia to come.

1: Even ‘Nay-Say NASA’ is doing serious research into this:

Also, others are examining the use of the Electron Quantum Jump in a scaled up effect to ‘jump’ a starship from one place to another virtually instantly (think Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica’s Jump Effect). Thus, Humanity will likely end up with 2 methods of exploring the galaxy, and most likely, beyond it.

2; Space travel is slowly, but with increasing speed, becoming the domain of private enterprise, and more and more each day, companies are aborning to work and contribute in this field, with hulls, modules, engines, life-support systems.

3; So-called ‘sci-fi’ tech, like synthetic gravity…are becoming realities. Husband a few months back tested a prototype for a gravity generator and while it did self-destruct after only a minute approximately (57.83 secs) it did last long enough to provide reams of data and generated a sustained 1/100th of a G. And he is not the only one experimenting with such and getting Results. Even if the units can not be made to generate a greater field strength, they CAN be made smaller–and stacked, for a greater cumulative field strength.

4; More and more, we are finding planets around stars, and more than a few prove that if we keep looking, we will find ‘Garden worlds’ lik or similar to Earth. It’s just a matter of time, that’s all, and with NO shortage of star systems to search.

5; Quantum Entanglement Communications. Tricky, but as work continues, it becomes more and more usful and means real-time interference-free communication across limitless distance, no matter what’s between sender and reciever.

6; V.A.R.I.E.S. Imagine synthesizing matter, or antimatter…out of nothing but empty space. And the same technique can be adapted to produce normal matter as I mentioned.

7; Advanced single-stage-to-space engines that allow a vhicle to simply fly into space, in the same manner as an airliner could–had it the right engines that can operate in airless conditions.


In some ways, Humanity, right now, has stepped beyond our own science fiction. And with more to come, I am sure.

In light of this, the silliness of islam and it’s claims are shown to be what they are: Ridiculous. islam is the single greatest threat Humanity has ever faced, as can be seen from it’s meager 1400 year history–and having achieved a 270+ MILLION bodycount that continues to grow even today. islam behaves as the brat run amok, and needs to be leashed and brought down as it’s threat to Humanity is Dire in light of today’s weapon technologies. islam continus to show at every turn that it is Regressive, that it seeks to enslave all Humanity under itself. They’re quite open in admitting such, that they will continue to brutalize, intimidate, murder, extort, bully, threaten and engage in unspeakable atrocities in pursuit of global dominion. They also claim that whn islam rules the world, there will be ‘peace’.

Really? Peace from islam? When all sects of islam are viciously and violently opposed to each other?

Some say islam is ‘the religion of peace’, and this is a patently-false claim, as the daily evidence shows be it in the blood-and-bullets jihad, or those who call for the deaths of those who speak out against islam in any way…islam continues over and over again to show that it is NOT about peace, but about small-mindedness, regressiveness, and psychoticly unspeakable crimes against Humanity.

Then there’s the Globalists and UN, whom some would have be ‘in charge’ of all Human efforts at space travel. Well, they are flatly DENIED such, and they can speak all they wish about being in ‘control’ of such–but it is NOT up to them, NOT their authority, and they will NOT be heeded or abided in any way.

The Future belongs to Humanity, here on Earth as out there in the Galaxy.

We’re almost there…  :D

Created by Anthony Kohlmayer on June 25, 2014



My wife, Michelle Kohlmayer is most important person in my life.

My entire Universe revolves around her. Through the years of our marriage, we went through much turmoil, and stress, all brought about by corrupt and bad meaning people.

I tried to insulate her  from stress as best I could, but the people that kept causing trouble would not let up, and eventually it rook a toll on her. her health has slipped.

Four times my Soulmate (Michelle) was taken from me by death, but also was returned to me, by the grace of God, and her love for me. It is true, that love conquers all.

Now we have a chance make a new start, in Dallas Texas. I also have a chance their to change our lives, for the better. The money I am requesting is for moving expenses, apartment expenses and also to help with authoring literature. This isn’t much money we ask, but it is enough for us, because we are good in financial matters. Every bit of help is appreciated. Thank you in advance

People want Clean, Zero-missions energy.




Here ya go.

Open-Source Licensed.


Facbook is just making it easier and easier for us to put a stake through it’s heart with OUR plans to Supercede it.

Facebook eradicated organic promotions. Now we see what they want us to see..

Some folks think the only fix for the unendurable economic hassles lies in crap like Marxism/communism/related-crapism.
Then there’s muzzies who offer ‘shariah finance’…uh-huh, that’s just a NON-starter.

An economy is like an engine, and an engine needs to be able to keep itself running and supply surplus energy to do things.
It needs fuel.
Okay, that said, the way an economy–any economy– works is by people buying, selling, trading. That flow of money and such IS the economy, nothing else.
So, the pundits can stuff their ‘intelligentsia’ BS up their keesters as I am going to strip away their cloaks and show you how they’ve been LYING to you all.

Credit, unless properly managed and used in Limited fashion is a disaster waiting to happen.
The engine of the economy can support extra ‘load’…to a point, and if you look at the useless ‘load’ the global Liberals and other wackjobs like obama have been dumping on the engine, it’s amazing it still works…it’s close to stalling out.

The MORE money people keep from their earnings, the better the economy, and there’s NO way around that point.
More money retained from earnings means they can be more active in the system, buying and selling and such, and as the economy IS the flow, well, self-explanatory.
Taxation is a ‘load’ on the ending, pretty much like starving an engine of fuel. It curtails people’s ability to participate in the economy, and thus it starts to falter.

Currencies are nowadays based on ‘Fiat’…just fancied up toilet paper, really.
People talk of a ‘gold standard’, fine back when, now it’s too volatile, thus a currency must need be based on a multiple of commodities to allow for enough variance for trading and such in currencies themselves, yet also keep things Reliably stable to dampen out massive economy-staggering shifts.
Why? Because Currency and Stock trading has not a bloody thing to do with value…it’s all just a popularity contest with more shameless drama than anything you’d see in a TV program about high-school life.

Communism and such, just gets people KILLED, usually in the millions–and lets not forget, Russia, China, and all nations but Cuba have abandoned Communism Economics. Even Cuba is moving away from it and North Korea isn’t even an economy, so it doesn’t enter into this discussion.

Economics IS the People, they MUST retain most if not all of their earnings and Taxation MUST be ruthlessly minimalized and gov’t spending properly oversign via Triple Blind that gov’t cannot influence, else corruption steps in.
Currencies MUST be based on something solid, objective, otherwise, it’s like trading in wisps of fairy gold.

This is yet another reason why Husband and I Open-Source Licensed our powerplant tech, to stimulate economies via inexpensive energy, meaning reduced operating and productions costs.

And folks, the Multi-Base Currency exists, Husband has finished the formula for it, and while it’ll never be Perfect, nothing ever is, but it’s damned robust and doesn’t pose any threat to any soverign currency, but DOES give them strength of backing.
He wanted one that maintains all the world’s currencies, as he HATES the idea of a single ‘one world currency’ and the loss of cultural character that is often found in a nation’s currency.

There ya go, Liberals….the Kittieh Genie is out of the burlap bottle.

I started removing myself from groups there with a Dedicated anti-islam focus. I’m not doing this because I’m giving-up, I’m doing so because anti-islam resistance work was starting to become my life.

Some would think that laudable, well, my Family comes first, always has and always will.

That said, it’s time to re-make my facebook page into something Affirming, an Oasis of something good for my friends and those who happen past. However, you’ll see me start to post again on BNO, Atlas Shrugged, Jihad Watch, Winds of Jihad and other solid anti-islam sites run by some of the Beacons in this Resistance.

Then, I can have my life, and still remain in the online war vs. islam.

Yes, I’ve been away for a while, Life makes it’s demands and must come first, but I’m back now and rolling back up to full-steam and Experience has been a good teacher.


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